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This page describes how to update Etomica sources in Eclipse from CVS.

  1. Right-click on an Etomica project you want to update
  2. Select "Team", then "Synchronize"
  3. Files that you changed locally and also changed in CVS will be marked red in the synchronize view. You'll need to fix these first. The status bar lists the number of such files.
    1. If you double-click on such a file, you can see the local (on the left) and CVS versions (on the right) of the file and decide how to proceed.
    2. Lines that have been updated in CVS are marked blue in the right margin
    3. Lines that you have changed are marked grey in the right margin
    4. Lines that have been updated in CVS and you have also changed are marked red in the right margin
    5. If you're willing to throw away your changes, right click on the file and select "Override and Update"
    6. Or you can merge in changes from CVS
      • You can edit the file on the left and/or copy paste from the right.
      • There are several buttons in the top-right that are helpful
        • "Copy All Non-Conflicting Changes from Right to Left"
        • Select a group of lines and then "Copy Current Change from Right to Left"
      • When you are done merging, mark the file as merged (right click on the file, mark as merged)
  4. Once all the red-marked files have been handled, you can update the project
    1. Right-click on the project (in the Synchronize view) and select "Update"

Some changes in a project may depend on changes in another project, so it's a good idea to update all of the projects. Files that you changed and new files you created might also need updating.

If update the project before resolving the red-marked files, it is likely to corrupt Eclipse's CVS data and require manual editing of CVS files before you can update again. So, always update the conflicts first.