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This page describes how to pull the Graphics3D, Etomica Apps, Modules and Graph projects from CVS. Graphics3D contains classes for 3D display of simulations. Apps contains specialized applications of the core Etomica classes. Modules are simpler applications with a full graphical interface. Graphics3D is used by all Core, Apps and Modules. The Modules also project depends on the Core and Apps projects. Graph contains classes related to manipulation of graphs (virial diagrams) and is used by Apps.

Pulling these extra projects is very similar to pulling Core. Please refer to the Core instructions and follow them with the following modifiactions:

  1. For the Apps and Modules projects, when performing step 2 from the Core instructions
    1. Before clicking Finish, select the "Projects" tab.
    2. Click the "Add..." button.
    3. Add appropriate projects
      • Apps: Core, Graph, Graphics3D
      • Modules: Core, Graphics3D, Apps
    4. Click "OK"
  2. When performing step 4 from the Core instructions, but instead of right clicking on "etomica",
    • Graphics3D: select both "org" and "g3dsys" under graphics3D, right click and select "Check out as..."
    • Graph: right click on the etomica folder under etomica.graph
    • Apps: right click on the etomica folder under etomica.apps
    • Modules: right click on the etomica folder under etomica.modules

Once you've created Graphics3D, you should add it as a dependency for Core.

  1. Right click on the Core project
  2. Select "Properties"
  3. Select "Java Build Path" on the left
  4. Select the "Projects" tab
  5. Click "Add..."
  6. Select the Graphics3D project.

To pull Etomica apps, modules and graph code manually with cvs:

cvs -q -d co -P etomica.apps etomica.modules etomica.graph graphics3D