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This page describes how to get Etomica sources into Eclipse from CVS.

  1. Ensure you have a recent version of Eclipse (download, grab "Eclipse IDE for Java Developers").
  2. Create a new project
    1. In the "File" menu, select "New", then "Project".
    2. Select "Java Project", then click the "Next" button.
    3. Give it a project name, choose an appropriate location. Make a note of the type of "Project Layout" that is selected. Then click "Next>"
    4. In the "libraries" tab, click the "Add Library" button.
    5. Select "JUnit" and click "Next>".
    6. Click "Finish".
  3. In Eclipse, create a "CVS Repository":
    1. In the "Window" menu, select "Show View", then "Other".
    2. Choose CVS->CVS Repositories.
    3. In the CVS Repositories view, right click, and choose New->Repository Location.
    4. Host is, Repository path is /cvsroot, User is anonymous, Password is nothing (leave it blank) and Connection type is pserver. The rest of the default options are ok.
      • If you have write access to the repository, User is your username on rheneas, Password is your rheneas password and Connection type is extssh. You need not enter the password at this point. You will be prompted for the password when it's needed.
  4. Check out Etomica
    1. Open the new repository, then open up HEAD.
    2. Open up the folder for the project you desire (etomica, etomica.modules, etomica.apps, etc...)
    3. Right click on the project and select "Check out as..."
    4. Select the "Check out into an existing project" radio button.
    5. click "Next"
    6. Select the "src" folder under your project
      • Do not select the project itself unless the "src" folder does not exist (see next bullet); if you do you will have to start over.
      • If you selected the "Project Layout" as using the project folder for source and class files, there won't be an "src" folder. This is OK. Just select the project folder.
    7. click "Finish"
  5. Grab any 3rd-party libraries you might need.


To pull Etomica core code manually with cvs (instead of using Eclipse)

cvs -q -d co -P etomica

or if you have write access

cvs -q -d co -P etomica