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We recommend using Eclipse to manage the Etomica source code. This is not a requirement, but it makes life easier (you just need the IDE for Java developers). This page describes how to pull Etomica source from CVS and configure Eclipse to build Etomica.

If you have the latest Eclipse (at least 4.5), you'll need to add CVS capabilities before you begin.

Etomica Core source: Etomica Core consists of basic simulation building blocks to create and run a molecular simulation.

Graphics3D, Etomica Apps, Modules and Graph source: Graphics3D provides classes that handle visualization of the molecular simulations. Etomica Apps are specialized applications of the core Etomica classes. Modules are simpler applications with a full graphical interface. Graph contains classes for graph manipulation, used by Apps.

3rd-party libraries: Etomica depends on several 3rd-party libraries, primarily for providing graphical capabilities.

Updating: You can update your copy of Etomica by pulling newer source from CVS through Eclipse.

Troubleshooting: Helpful hints if you've checked out Etomica in Eclipse, but can't get it working.