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Basic Layout
Etomica Modules

This module presents an interactive molecular simulation, which can be used to study the process of osmosis in an osmometer. Osmosis is very important in biological systems and has other important uses too as is explained in the section titled "Background". The osmometer is used to measure the osmotic pressure. This module illustrates how the osmotic pressure builds up due to the movement of solvent molecules across the semi-permeable membrane, which prevents the solute molecules from crossing over.

The simulated apparatus is an osmometer, which is a container holding the solution (solute dissolved in solvent) is separated from a pure solvent by the semi-permeable membrane (represented by a perforated wall). The instantaneous and average osmotic pressure in the direction normal to the semi-permeable membrane is measured as the difference in pressure between the left hand side wall and the right hand side wall, each of which is determined by the number of collisions on the respective wall. The diameter of the particles, the number of solute and solvent particles can be adjusted. The simulation is of the molecular dynamics type with hard sphere model as the inter-atomic potential between all the particles.

Osmosis Osmometer.gif

Figure Caption : Schematic diagram of an osmometer