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This page gives several options for running the simulations that are the core of this module. Note that this module uses simulations in both 2-D and 3-D space.

Running as an Applet vs Running via Webstart

An applet is a software component written in the Java programming language that runs in the context of another program(for example a web browser). When you use a Java technology-enabled browser to view a page that contains an applet, the applet's code is transferred to your system and executed by the browser's Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Java Web Start is a framework developed by Sun Microsystems which allows application software for the Java Platform to be started directly from the Internet using a web browser. Unlike Java applets, Web Start applications do not run inside the browser. One chief advantage of Web Start over applets is that they overcome many compatibility problems with browsers' Java plugins and different JVM versions. On the other hand, Web Start programs cannot communicate with the browser as easily as applets.

Java Version 1.6 or greater will need to be installed on your computer regardless of the run type choice. If running via Webstart, the Webstart software will also need to be installed. Webstart is generally already installed if Java is installed. See the "Supporting Software" section below for more details.

Piston Cylinder

Run Piston-Cylinder via Webstart

Run Piston-Cylinder Applet

PBC Cubic

Run PBC Cubic Applet

Square Well MD (2D)

Run Square Well MD 2D via Webstart

Run Square Well MD 2D Applet

Square Well MD (3D)

Run Square Well MD 3D via Webstart

Run Square Well MD 3D Applet

Supporting Software

All platforms except Macs :

Download the Java Runtime Environment


Apple Macs ship with their own version of Java. Your system's Software Update can be used to update your version of Java.

Please note

Permission is granted to use this module and the other material on this site for your own academic research and instruction. All other rights are reserved. In particular, you may not use this module (the text and images and/or software) or etomica for any commercial purposes, nor may you sell or redistribute in any fashion this property or any part of it. If these restrictions constrain your desired use of this software and supporting material please write to us with requests to loosen these restrictions.

While we strive to implement this simulation correctly within the limitations of the model used, we cannot guarantee that the simulation is error-free. Use it and interpret your results with this caution in mind.