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These problems are for students in a mass transfer course some are harder than others.

  1. Determine the flux from Fick's First Law given that
    • D = 0.152cm^2/s
    • x = 0cm, c = 0.005 g/cm^3
    • x = 10cm, c = 0.002 g/cm^3
  2. Using the simulation set Mu1 = -834 and Mu2 = 0. Beginning at a temperature of 50K, plot the diffusivity as a function of temperature, waiting enough time for steady state to be acheived.
  3. Using the simulation set the temperature to 250K and Mu2 to 0. Now set Mu1 to any number and start the simulation. After waiting for the simulation to reach steady state determine the diffusivity. Now change Mu1 and reset the simulation, and again determine the diffusivity. Prepare a plot of Diffusivity as a function of Mu1. Be sure to cover the range of Mu1 as seen on the simulation.
  4. Repeat the process given above, switching the roles of Mu1 and Mu2 (i.e. Mu1 = 0, varying Mu2).