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Basic Layout
Run Simulation
Etomica Modules

This page gives you several options for running the simulation that is the core of this module. Note that this module uses a simulation in a 3-D space.

Please choose:

Run as an application on your machine via Webstart

In order to run the application on your machine when it is not connected to the internet in the future, select "OK" when asked if you would like a shortcut created on the desktop.

Run Crystal Viewer now

Run as a web-based Java Applet

Run Crystal Viewer Applet

Supporting Software

All platforms except Macs :

Download the Java Runtime Environment


Apple Macs ship with their own version of Java. Your system's Software Update can be used to update your version of Java.

Please note

Permission is granted to use this module and the other material on this site for your own academic research and instruction. All other rights are reserved. In particular, you may not use this module (the text and images and/or software) or etomica for any commercial purposes, nor may you sell or redistribute in any fashion this property or any part of it. If these restrictions constrain your desired use of this software and supporting material please write to us with requests to loosen these restrictions.

While we strive to implement this simulation correctly within the limitations of the model used, we cannot guarantee that the simulation is error-free. Use it and interpret your results with this caution in mind.