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Etomica depends on various 3rd-party libraries, mostly to provide graphical capabilities. This page describes how to tell Eclipse how to use them. The 3rd-party libraries are available for download on the Etomica web site.

  1. You will need the following jars:
    • ptolemy.jar (from ptplot, for plotting)
    • Jama.jar (linear algebra)
    • fop.jar, batik-all.jar and xml-apis-ext.jar (for displaying graphs, used by etomica.graph)
      • these are all included in the FOP download.
  2. Unzip the archives to some location.
  3. From the menu, select Window->Preferences
  4. Select Java->Build Path->User Libraries
  5. Click the New... button.
  6. Give the library a name like "all", hit OK.
  7. Click the "Add External JARs..." button.
  8. Select the jars you downloaded and hit OK.
    • You can select multiple jars at once, or you can click "Add External JARs..." again to add them one at a time.
  9. For each Etomica project in Eclipse,
    • Select the project in Package Explorer, and then select File->Properties.
    • Select Java Build Path.
    • In the "libraries" tab, click the Add Library... button.
    • Select User Library and click the Next> button.
    • Click the checkbox for the library you created.
    • Click the Finish button.