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Package etomica.integrator

Provides Integrator classes that implement different molecular simulation algorithms.

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Package etomica.integrator Description

Provides Integrator classes that implement different molecular simulation algorithms. The Integrator moves the simulated atoms around, generating configurations and thereby conducting the simulation. All integrator techniques, such as molecular dynamics or Monte Carlo, are implemented via subclasses of the Integrator class. Repeated calls to the Integrator's doStep method generate successive configurations. This process is typically performed by an ActivityIntegrate instance.

The Integrator maintains a list of IntegratorListeners, which are notified when the Integrator starts, is reset, and finishes or, for IntegratorIntervalListeners, when the integrators completes a specified number of doStep calls. Although the listeners are kept by the Integrator, firing of the event is performed by the Activity running the Integrator. Arbitrary Actions can be performed in response to an IntegratorEvent through the use of an IntervalActionAdapter.

The general categories of Integrator are IntegratorMD, for molecular dynamics, and IntegratorMC, for Monte Carlo. Molecular dynamics integration of hard potentials requires the use of a special integrator, IntegratorHard. IntegratorMC holds a set of MCMove instances which define the types of Monte Carlo trials that are performed in the simulation.

To use an Integrator, add the instance to a new ActivityIntegrate instance, and add the ActivityIntegrate to the Simulation's Controller. The Box upon which the Integrator acts must be set before beginning the simulation. Some Integrators require the specification of multiple boxs. It can also be helpful to invoke the register method in the governing Simulation, passing the Integrator instance; this will cause the Integrator to be reset when the Simulation is reset to a new (or initial) condition.

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